Dongcheon Foundation

Vision And Value In order to fulfill a law firm's social responsibility, Dongcheon Foundation promotes various public welfare and pro bono initiatives, through which we create "a world that shares and cares."
Selected Activities
Dongcheon has engaged in legal aid activities to support refugees, migrants, people with disabilities, North Korean settlers, women, youth and social enterprises.
  • Public interest law support

    To provide legal assistance, institutional improvement, and legislative activities for minorities and other the socially disadvantaged people.

  • Pro Bono activation

    To facilitate law firm pro bono activities and develop a well-organized pro bono system , To nurture legal aid professionals including public interest organizations and pro bono lawyers.

  • Network

    Network with civil society to discover demand for legal support and support public interest organizations

  • Social contribution

    To undertake diverse corporate social contribution programs, including Public Interest/Human Rights Activist Awards, scholarship projects, financial aid programs for non-profit organizations, volunteer programs, and donation events.