Our Core Values
Talent development, professional responsibility and
systematic management are fundamental to our focus on client-oriented service.
Talent Development

We find and foster talent to maintain the highest level of client service

In line with our founders’ belief that our people are our greatest asset, we are committed to recruiting and investing in professionals of the highest caliber and developing them into leading experts in their respective practice areas.

Professional Responsibility

We value professional ethics
and long-term value over short-term gain

Our culture values professional ethics, and we take our responsibilities as legal professionals such as client confidentiality, conflicts of interest and social responsibility very seriously. We also believe that corporate social responsibility is imperative for the sustainable growth and success of businesses and consistently support long-term solutions that embrace socially responsible choices.

Systematic Management

Our transparent partnership enables fair management of the Firm and, ultimately, delivery of consistently high-quality legal service to clients

BKL has instituted a transparent partnership management system dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. As a partnership, we facilitate practices and work processes that meet the constantly evolving demands of modern legal practice.

Global Network and Presence

Our worldwide offices and global network of industry relationships with other leading law firms enable us to assist clients in the most efficient manner.

BKL has been at the forefront of cross-border practice and was the first Korean law firm to establish office in China. We have continued to expand our footprint overseas as we assist our clients in expanding their geographical reach.
Today, we have offices and liaison desks across Asia and the Middle East (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Yangon, Singapore and Jakarta) and have been serving clients seeking overseas expansion by advising on local laws and practices based on our experience and in close cooperation with our network in those jurisdictions.
We are the only Korean member of World Law Group, an invitation-only international network consisting of 20,000 lawyers from top tier law firms around the world. We also have a strong global presence and network as a member of many leading industry associations such as the International Bar Association and the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.