2011 ~ Present
Innovating the Future
  • 2021 BKL opened its Singapore office
  • 2020 BKL moved its offices to central Seoul. BKL is selected as the most innovative national law firm in Korea by the International Financial Law Review.
  • 2018 BKL became the first major Korean law firm to open an office in Pangyo, the hub of start-up and venture firm activities in Korea. BKL was awarded with a Presidential citation for its legal services provided in connection with the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
  • 2016 BKL opened its Yangon office.
  • 2015 BKL became the first major Korean law firm to open an office in Dubai, and opens offices in Hong Kong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
2001 ~ 2010
Expanding the Frontiers
  • 2009 BKL established Dongcheon, a public interest foundation dedicated to pro bono work.
  • 2008 BKL opened its Shanghai office.
  • 2007 BKL became the first law firm in Korea to change its structure to a limited liability company.
  • 2004 BKL became the first Korean law firm to open an office in Beijing.
  • 2001 BKL established an internal Pro Bono Committee, which was devoted to offering legal aid services as well as training pro bono lawyers.
1991 ~ 2000
Sustained Growth
  • 2000 BKL established a full-service platform.
  • 1998 BKL moved its offices to Gangnam in the southern part of Seoul.
  • 1995 The Firm changed its name to Bae, Kim & Lee (BKL).
1980 ~ 1990
The Beginning
  • 1987 The Firm was reorganized as a law firm.
  • 1986 The Firm expanded and was reorganized as a joint law office.
  • 1980 In Sub Kim, a founding partner of BKL, opened a law office in central Seoul.