Honghee Cho

  • Senior Advisor
  • T. +82-2-3404-0313
  • F. +82-2-3404-7687
  • E. honghee.cho@bkl.co.kr


Honghee Cho is a senior advisor at Bae, Kim & Lee LLC. Mr. Cho's work areas include: general advice on tax, revision of tax-related laws and regulations, prior tax review, and international tax. Before retiring from Seoul Regional Tax Office as commissioner, he worked as the secretary to the commissioner of National Tax Service, chief of National Tax Service Namyangju District Office, head of Investigation Division 4 (International Investigation) of Investigation Bureau 2 of Seoul Regional National Tax Service, head of Corporate Tax Division and innovative planning officer of National Tax Service, tax attaché at Korean Embassy in London, tax attaché at Korean Consulate General in New York, head of Investigation Bureau 3 of Jungbu Regional Tax Office, head of Investigation Bureau 4 of Seoul Regional Tax Office, and head of Corporate Taxation Bureau and Collection, Legal Affairs & PR Bureau of National Tax Service. He now advises on tax-related matters at BKL.

Representative Experience

2011-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2010 Commissioner, National Tax Service Seoul Regional Office
2009 Head, Collection, Legal Affairs & PR Bureau, National Tax Service
2009 Head, Corporate Taxation Bureau, National Tax Service
2008 Head, Investigation Bureau 4 (In-Depth & Criminal Investigation), National Tax Service Seoul Regional Office
2007 Head, Investigation Bureau 3 (In-Depth & Criminal Investigation), National Tax Service Jungbu Regional Office
2005-2007 Tax Attaché, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York
2004 Innovative Planning Officer, National Tax Service
2003 Head, Corporate Tax Division, National Tax Service
2002 Head, Investigation Division 4 (International Investigation), Investigation Bureau 2, Seoul Regional National Tax Service
2000-2002 Chief, National Tax Service Namyangju District Office
1997-2000 Tax Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1993-1995 Secretary to the Commissioner, National Tax Service
1991-1992 Deputy Head, International Tax Division 2, National Tax Service
1983-1984 General Affairs Manager, National Tax Service Jinju District Office
1981-1983 Probationary Administrative Officer, Ministry of Government Administration


1988 University of Bath (MSc)
1981 Sungkyunkwan University (B.A.)

Selected Activities

Order of Service Merit (Red Stripes, 2005)
Service Merit Medal (1994)


1995 Certified Tax Consultant (Korea)