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Insub Kim is an honorary managing partner of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC. Mr. Kim served as a judge at Seoul District Court and research judge at the Supreme Court of Korea and presiding judge at Seoul Civil District Court. In 1980, he started to practice law with an intent to establish a model for a Korean international law firm, and he is a cofounder of BKL.

Mr. Kim prepared a way forward for the Korean legal profession by presenting BKL as a new model for Korean law firms in the early days of law firms. In addition, he contributed to the development of the legal culture by establishing new precedents and solving famous cases that are meaningful in the times, including the cases involving the collapse of the floodgate of a reservoir in Mangwon-dong, the violation of the Foreign Exchange Control Act by Korean residents in Japan, innocence of General Jun-Byung Park at the time of December 12 Military Coup, illegal imposition of administrative fines on the sale of bottled water, litigation seeking the return of shares of Shinhan Investment & Finance, patent infringement litigation involving Jin Heung Fine-Chem, and the dispute involving Silkriver Country Club.

Mr. Kim earned a LL.B. from Korea University and passed the justice division of the Higher Civil Service Examination in 1961 and earned a LL.M. from Seoul National University. After starting to practice law, he served as a commissioner at the Policy Advisory Commission of the Board of Audit and Inspection, director at the Korean Bar Association, commissioner of the Judicial Reform Deliberations Committee, and legal advisor at the National Tax Service, After retiring from BKL, he founded Good Society Foundation and has taken the lead in various civic movements to establish the rule of law.

Representative Experience

1999 Visiting Fellow, EastWest Center, Hawaii
1980-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
1977-1980 Presiding Judge, Seoul Civil District Court and Professor, Judicial Research and Training Institute
1974-1977 Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea
1972-1974 Judge, Seoul High Court
1963-1972 Judge, Seoul District Court
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2008-2012 Chairman, Good Society Foundation
1998-2004 Legal Advisor, National Tax Service
1997-2006 Member, Board of Directors of Shinhan Financial Group Hope Foundation
1992-1998 Commissioner, Comprehensive Cable Broadcasting Commission
1991-1998 Commissioner, Bank Dispute Coordination Commission, The Bank of Korea
1990-1995 Commissioner, Judicial Reform Deliberations Committee
1986-1987 Commissioner, Commission for Examination of Industrial Disasters, Ministry of Labor
1985-1988 Director, Seoul Bar Association
1984 Legal Advisor, Public Procurement Service
1984-1985 Director, Korean Bar Association
1983-1985 Commissioner, Policy Advisory Commission, Board of Audit and Inspection
1981-2004 Legal Advisor, Yonhap News Agency
1980-1990 Legal Advisor & Lecturer, Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea


1963 Seoul National University (LL.M.)
1961 Korea University (LL.B.)

Selected Activities

The miracle is not over (Younglim Cardinal Inc., 2016)
From Chupungnyeong to Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (Nanam Publishing House, 2012)
Collection of articles to commemorate the 60th birthday - All Possible Problems from Practicing Laws (Pakyoungsa, 1996)
Res Judicata of Patent Trial Decision, Judicial Administration Vol. 194 (Korean Society of Judicial Administration, 1977)
Elements of Suspension of Administrative Disposition, Lawyers Association Journal Vol. 25 No.9, pp. 68-80 (Korean Lawyers Association, 1976)
The status of the person who acquired a collateral from the person who holds a right to the collateral transferred for security, Supreme Court Law Review Vol. 7, pp. 117-147 (Supreme Court of Korea National Court Administration, 1976)
Title lender's liability, The Justice Vol. 13 No. 1 (Korean Society of Law, 1975)
Standing to Sue in Administrative Litigation, Supreme Court Law Review Vol. 5, pp. 669-707 (Supreme Court of Korea National Court Administration, 1974)
An Essay on Interpretation of Articles 607 and 608 of the Korean Civil Act, Lawyers Association Journal Vol. 18 No. 7, pp. 35-45 (Korean Lawyers Association, 1969)
The nature of a trial to confirm the scope of rights
Outline of Lawyer's Practice - Litigation involving industrial property rights
An examination on whether an &lsquoUnfair Competition Activity’ is constituted under the Unfair Competition Prevention Law
Limitation of liability of a bank if the bank overlooks the alteration of the forged check and pays the check
Current Status and Problems of Patent Infringement Litigation
Particular Issues in Patent Infringement Actions
Order of Industrial Service Merit (Tin Tower, 2002)


1963 Korea