Pillgye Ryoo

  • Senior Advisor
  • T. +82-2-3404-7521
  • F. +82-2-3404-0801
  • E. pillgye.ryoo@bkl.co.kr


Pillgye Ryoo has 29 years of work experience in the fields of promotion and regulation of all the ICT industries, especially telecommunications and broadcasting. Such long experience is based on his enduring public service in the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Korea Communications Commission filling a variety of positions: public information officer, director general of the Radio Broadcasting Management Division, administrator of the Seoul Regional Communications Office, deputy minister of the Information and Communications Policy Office, deputy minister of the Policy Management & Public Relations Office, and deputy minister of the Broadcasting and Communications Convergence Policy Office.

Moreover, Mr. Ryoo is equipped with rich experience and deep knowledge in handling ICT-related tasks—because it is him who not only assumed primary responsibility for enacting and amending the Framework Act on Informatization Promotion, serving as the foundation for governmental efforts toward informatization, and the Telecommunications Business Act, governing regulation of telecommunications business, but also drew up and implemented the plan for promotion of ICT industries. After finishing his service as public official, Mr. Ryoo joined LG and worked for 12 years at the LG Economic Institute and LG Uplus Corp., taking charge of, among others, cooperation with external organizations and public relations. Thanks to this work experience, he now not only has a wide range of personal connections in both government and the media, but also is capable of interpreting business-related government policies and regulations and providing companies with advice and consultancy on them from a corporate standpoint.

Representative Experience

2020-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2010-2020 Vice President, LG Uplus Corp.
2008-2009 Vice President, LG Economic Research Institute
2008 Deputy Minister, Broadcasting & Communications Convergence Policy Office, Korea Communications Commission
2006-2008 Deputy Minister, Policy Management & Public Relations Division, Ministry of Information and Communications
2003-2004 Director General, Radio Broadcasting Management Department, Ministry of Information and Communication


2002 Hanyang University (Ph.D.)
1988 Oklahoma State University (M.B.A)
1979 Korea University (B.A.)