Hoyoung Choung

  • Of Counsel
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Hoyoung Choung is an of counsel of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC and has been providing litigation and advisory services in various legal areas including family (divorce, inheritance, succession of business), general civil, administrative, and criminal cases based on his knowledge and experience from serving as judge at courts of various levels and holding various public positions for a long time. Prior to joining BKL in 2006, Mr. Choung served in various positions at courts of various levels for about thirty years after his appointment to the bench in 1973.

Representative Experience

2006-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2008 Independent Special Prosecutor for MB case
2005-2006 Chief Judge, Seoul Hight Court
2004-2005 Chief Judge, Daejeon High Court
2003-2004 Chief Judge, Daejeon District Court
2001-2003 Chief Judge, Chuncheon District Court
2000-2001 Chief Presiding Judge, Seoul Administrative Court
1996-1998 Chief Secretary to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Korea
1996-2001 Presiding Judge, Seoul High Court
1995-1996 Chief Presiding Judge, Daegu District Court
1993-1996 Presiding Judge, Daegu High Court
1991-1993 Presiding Judge, Seoul District Court
1989-1991 Professor, Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1986-1989 Presiding Judge, Busan District Court
1986 Director of Judicial Research, National Court Administration
1985-1986 Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea
1983-1986 Judge, Seoul High Court
1981-1983 Judge, Seoul Civil District Court
1977-1979 Judge, Jeju District Court
1973-1974 Judge, Seoul Criminal District Court
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2008-2012 Vice President, Alumni Association, College of Law, Seoul National University
2008-2012 Standing Director, Good Society Foundation
2007-2011 Director, Kyung Hee University Foundation
2007-2011 Member, Public Official Ethics Committee, Constitutional Court
2005-2006 Member, Personnel Committee, Supreme Court of Korea
2005-2006 Chairman, Appeals Commission, Supreme Court of Korea
2005-2006 Member, National Election Commission


1972 Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1970 Seoul National University (LL.B.)

Selected Activities

Order of Service Merit (Yellow Stripes, 2006)


1972 Korea