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Inkyoung Choi earned her B.S. degree and M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical from Seoul National University and worked as a researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School during the master's program. Ms. Choi is now a partner at Bae, Kim & Lee LLC.

Ms. Choi represents and advises clients primarily in cases related to intellectual property rights and also handles legislative administration and fair trade issues related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Representative Experience

2016-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2015-2016 HMP Law
2014-2015 Law Clerk, Seoul High Court
2013-2014 Law Clerk, Incheon District Court
2008 Researcher, Minnesota State University Medical School

Representative Matters

Represented in a case involving claim for damages which arose from an assignee's violation of an obligation to continue to develop new drugs, even though such obligation was implicitly included in an asset purchase agreement between pharmaceutical companies
Represented in a case where an issue of cancelling approval for a drug product was raised but the approval was maintained
Represented Company A in a case seeking patent invalidity registration
Defended Company B from a petition for injunction against patent infringement
Represented City C in a lawsuit related to the cancellation of rejection of an application for construction approval for a livestock manure treatment plant, and in the lawsuit the Supreme Court confirmed that there was no deviation or abuse of administrative discretionary power


2013 Ewha Womans University Law School (J.D.)
2009 Seoul National University (M.S.)
2007 Seoul National University (B.S.)

Selected Activities

IL-10 Gene Introduction for Successful Transplantation of Pancreatic Islets (Master's Thesis, Seoul National University, 2009)


2013 Korea
2007 Pharmacist (Korea)