Jeonhwan Lee

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Jeonhwan Lee worked at the Tax & Customs Office, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, for five years and was directly involved in amendment of tax laws as a deputy director of the Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax and Income Tax Divisions. Mr. Lee's career at the National Tax Service encompasses various appointments: head of division at a local tax office; secretary to commissioner of National Tax Service; head of Gongju, Jungbusan and Suyeong District Tax Offices; and director of Taxpayer Protection Office, Jungbu Regional Tax Office. At the National Tax Service, he assumed office of assistant commissioner of Planning and Coordination Office, director general of Corporate Taxation Bureau, director general of Collection and Legal Affairs & PR Bureau, and director general of Individual Taxation Bureau. He also served as commissioner of Busan Regional Tax Office before retiring as deputy commissioner of National Tax Service.

Representative Experience

2016-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2014-2016 Certified Tax Consultant, Gwanggyo Tax Accounting Corp.
2013-2014 Chairman, National Tax Examination Committee, National Tax Service
2013-2014 Deputy Commissioner, National Tax Service
2012-2013 Director General, Individual Taxation Bureau, National Tax Service
2011-2012 Commissioner, Busan Regional Tax Office
2010-2011 Director General, Collection and Legal Affairs & PR Bureau, National Tax Service
2009-2010 Director General, Corporate Taxation Bureau, National Tax Service
2008-2009 Assistant Commissioner, Planning and Coordination Office, National Tax Service
2007-2008 Director, Taxpayer protection office, Jungbu Regional Tax Office
2004-2007 Director, Finance and planning office, National Tax Service
2003-2004 Director, Individual Taxation Division, Jungbu Regional Tax Office
2002-2003 Head, District Tax Office (Gongju, Jungbusan, Suyeong)
2000-2001 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, USA (Secondment)
1994-1999 Deputy Director, Tax & Customs Office, Ministry of Strategy and Finance
1993-1994 Deputy Director, International Taxation Bureau, National Tax Service
1990-1991 Secretary to Commissioner, National Tax Service
1984 Appointed as an Administrative Officer


1993 University of Washington (M.B.A.)
1984 Seoul National University (B.A.)


2000 Certified Tax Consultant (Korea)