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Heekwan Kim served as a public prosecutor for 30 years. He has greatly contributed to the design and development of an effective criminal investigation system and crime prevention infrastructure by utilizing his outstanding strategic planning capabilities during his tenure at the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutors' Office. His strategic approach and proactive problem-solving skills have been the driving force behind him to play an important role in the practice areas of compliance and serious accidents even after he started to practice as a lawyer.

Mr. Kim, who holds an LL.M. degree in Harvard Law School, is fluent not only in English but also in German, and at the same time has an excellent legal research capacity to help persuade the court judges and the prosecutors by way of finding out not only Anglo-American legal materials but also German precedents and theories that are most similar to Korean legal systems and thus are recognized for its high value as reliable legal authorities. As our society and economic system are evolving at the speed of light day by day, a new breed of corporate criminal cases and serious accidents that have not had occurred in the past are becoming issues. The most effective way to deal with this is to quickly and accurately find court precedents in advanced foreign countries such as the United States and Germany and present the same before relevant agencies or judicial authorities to persuade them. In representing in the cases involving large coporations, Mr. Kim is a lawyer who can excel in identifying the court precedents of legally advanced countries that fit the case and are decisively favorable to the client.

Representative Experience

2022-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2017-2022 Attorney-at-law, Hee Kwan KIM's Law Office
2015-2017 Head, Instituete of Justice
2015 Chief Prosecutors, Kwangju High Prosecutors' Office
2014 Chief Prosecutors, Daejeon High Prosecutors' Office
2013 Chief Prosecutors, Busan District Prosecutors' Office
2012 Chief Prosecutor, Uijeongbu District Prosecutors' Office
2011 Head of Crime Prevention Policy Bureau, Ministry of Justice
2010 Head of Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination Office, Ministry of Justice
2009 Deputy Chief Prosecutor II, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2008 Public Security Officer, Supreme Prosecutors' Office
2007 Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Department I, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2006 Head of Policy Planning Division, Ministry of Justice
2004 Head of 2nd Prosecutory Division, Prosecution Bureau, Ministry of Justice
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2020-2023 Chairman, KT Compliance Committee

Representative Matters

While assuming the chairmanship of the compliance committee for one of the leading companies in Korea, he designed and built up an effective management system such as a compliance management platform with global standards and the prevention of serious accidents
Engaged in the design and development of Law-Loving Cyberland (https://www.lawnorder.go.kr), an edutainment playground which allows the general public as a democratice citizen to cultivate a law-abiding spirit and acquire the knowledge of law through fun games


1994 Harvard Law School (LL.M.)
1988 Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1986 Seoul National Uiversity (LL.B.)


1988 Korea