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Sin Kim advises and represents clients in criminal cases involving labor, industrial accident, election, political funds and other issues.

Mr. Kim worked as a prosecutor responsible mainly for public safety at the Seoul Central and Daegu District Prosecutors' Offices, the Ministry of Justice, and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office and as a researcher for the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, investigating or planning labor law issues and election law issues before he joined Bae, Kim & Lee LLC in August 2022.

Representative Experience

2022-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2020-2022 Director, Important Economic Crime Investigation Team, Ulsan District Prosecutors' Office
2018-2020 Prosecutor, Litigation Department, Seoul High Prosecutors' Office
2017-2018 Chief prosecutor, Criminal Department 1, Cheongju District Prosecutors' Office
2016-2017 Chief prosecutor, Public Safety Department, Daegu District Prosecutors' Office
2015-2016 Chief prosecutor, Public Safety Department 2, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2014-2015 Director, Public Safety Planning Division, Minstiry of Justice
2013-2014 Director, Public Safety Department 2, Supreme Prosecutors' Office
2012-2013 Director, Yeongdong Branch Office for Cheongju District Prosecutors' Office
2011-2012 Deputy chief prosecutor, Public Safety Department 1, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2010-2011 Deputy chief prosecutor, Public Safety Department, Daejon District Prosecutors' Office Office
2008-2010 Researcher, Public Safety Department, Supreme Prosecutors' Office
2006-2008 Prosecutor, Public Safety Department 2, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2004-2005 Prosecutor, Criminal Department 7, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office
2003-2004 Prosecutor, Andong Brach Office for Daegu District Prosecutors' Office
2001-2003 Prosecutor, Ulsan District Prosecutors' Office
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2006 Visiting researcher, Compariative Law Research Center, Chuo University, Japan


1998 Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1992 Seoul National University (LL.B.)

Selected Activities

Service Merit Medeal (2015)
Prosecutor General's Recognition (2006)


1998 Korea