Jaehwan Kah

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Jaehwan Kah advises on all types of litigation, including on civil, criminal and administrative issues.

Starting his career as judge at the Seoul Civil Procedure District Court, Mr. Kah had served all levels of courts and the Office of Court Administration, going through various major positions. He also led the Judicial Research and Training Institute (JRTI). Then, in 1999, he resigned from the JRTI and joined Bae, Kim & Lee LLC. His career was even extended to writing books: "Professional Responsibility" (1999), "Legal Ethics" (2001), and "Legal Profession in Korea" ( 2002), all of which were published by the JRTI. And he gave lectures in the JRTI, too. Besides, he was a member of the Seoul Senior Policy Strategy Group.

Representative Experience

1999-Present Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
1994-1999 President, Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1993 Chief Judge, Seoul Civil District Court
1993 Vice Minister, National Court Administration
1992-1993 Chief Judge, Changwon District Court
1991-1992 Chief Judge, Southern Branch of Seoul District Court
1985-1991 Presiding Judge, Seoul High Court
1981-1986 Chief of Staff, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Korea
1981-1984 Presiding Judge, Seoul Civil District Court
1980 Visiting Scholar, Harvard Law School
1977-1981 Judge, Seoul High Court
1977-1978 Planning Director, National Court Administration
1975-1977 Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea
1974 Judge, Daegu District Court
1973 Judge, Seoul Civil District Court
1971-1973 Judge, Seongdong Branch of Seoul District Court
1971 Judge, Seoul Criminal District Court
1968 Judge, Seoul Civil District Court
1964-1967 Judge Advocate, Republic of Korea Army
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2009-Present Member, Serverance development Committee of Yonsei University Health System
2009-Present Member, Seoul Senior Policy Strategy Group Committee
2006-2013 Director, Korea Food for the Hungry International
2006-2008 Chairman, Seoul Branch of Community Chest of Korea
2001-2003 President, Research and Training Institute for Lawyers, Korean Bar Association
2000-Present Lecturer, Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea
2000-2005 Adjunct Professor at Ewha Womans University College of Law and Ajou University College of Law
2000-2002 Chairman, the Executive Committee of the 21st Century Legal System Research, Korean Bar Association
1994-1999 Member, National Election Commission
1993 Chairman, Seoul Election Commission
1992-1993 Chairman, Kyongsangnamdo Election Commission


1964 Seoul National University (LL.M.)
1963 Seoul National University (LL.B.)

Selected Activities

Legal Profession in Korea (Judicial Research and Training Institute, 2002)
Legal Ethics (Judicial Research and Training Institute, 2001)
Essay on the Judiciary (Judicial Research and Training Institute, 1999)
Professional Responsibility (Judicial Research and Training Institute, 1999)
Theory and Practice of Judicial Administration (Pakyoungsa, 1995)
American Court and Judicial Administration (National Court Administration, 1981)


1964 Korea