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Today, Environmental ∙ Social ∙ Governance (ESG) issues have become vital considerations in business initiatives and strategies of various corporate practices worldwide. Our ESG Lab for Tomorrow can assist our clients navigate all aspects of ESG successfully.
The ESG lab encompasses professionals that specialize in matters involving: Environment (“E”: climate change, energy management, greenhouse gas emission control and environment-friendly infrastructure construction), Society (“S”: employment and labor, occupational safety∙serious accident, product safety, personal information protection and data privacy, and cultivation of strategic relationship with business partners, such as subcontractors), and Corporate Governance (“G”: management of the board of directors, announcement of publicly listed companies, shareholder participation and activities, fair trade regulations, anti-corruption regulations, and other compliance matters). Together, as a team, we offer detailed, comprehensive advice to help our clients face and respond to opportunities and challenges involving any ESG topic. If you have any questions regarding ESG matters, please feel free to directly contact our ESG Lab for Tomorrow.
  • Due to the ever-evolving, complex nature of regulations in domains such as fair trade, anti-corruption, industrial safety, and environmental pollution, and stricter scrutiny on corporate activities by governments, investors, consumers, and media and private organizations, it is becoming more and more imperative for businesses to promptly respond to various regulatory issues and to properly communicate with the stakeholders for their survival and continued development. We offer comprehensive crisis management solutions for any challenge our clients may face, both domestic and abroad.

  • With the anticipation for more intense environmental regulations worldwide in response to the rapid climate change, the concern for environmental sustainability is currently on the horizon. We are committed to offering a variety of services for businesses to proactively respond to the rapidly changing environmental regulation, based on our extensive and diverse experience in the environment practice area.

  • With increased public awareness and participation in movement for social change, legal disputes are on the rise in a wide variety of areas relevant to human capital management, such as management of employees with poor performance, movement of key technical personnel, industrial safety, and employee participation in business management, in addition to disputes involving traditional issues, such as employee status and wages. Furthermore, businesses must cooperate with and treat their business partners, such as subcontractors, with due care in order to maximize their business performance and to promote a win-win relationship with their partners. We provide services across the board in employment and human relations, including compliance review, advisory work, and legal disputes in litigation.

  • With the development of information and communication technology, infringement on personal information poses serious threat to society. For businesses that inevitably deal with various categories of personal information, the need to prevent and effectively respond to all legal risk arising from the processing and handling of personal information is at the center of business activities. We provide all services in relation to compliance with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection, responding to administrative agency requests for information, and properly responding to and dealing with any alleged or actual incidents of infringement on personal information.

  • BKL has successfully led and performed a number of litigation and arbitration cases in all areas relevant to ESG topics, such as environment, fair trade, employment and labor, personal information protection, financing, and corporate governance (including shareholder participation and management rights dispute), both in the domestic and international forum.

  • We assist clients to incorporate ESG criteria at all stages of the investment life cycle from selection of a target company, financing and divestiture. We develop investment strategies in consideration of ESG issues and perform ESG-focused due diligence work to clients based on our extensive experience involving corporate bond issuance, financial transactions, project financing, M&A transactions, and infrastructure and energy project investments, each with focus on ESG issues.

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