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YC Kim is an of counsel at Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (BKL). Mr. Kim's main practice focuses on litigation and advisory services in corporate criminal cases involving anti-corruption and compliance.

Mr. Kim is an expert in criminal cases with 26-year work experience of special investigation as a prosecutor: he served as chairman of the Legal Research Training Institute under the Ministry of Justice, chief prosecutor of the Daegu High Prosecutors' Office and the Daejeon High Prosecutors' Office, chief prosecutor of the Busan District Prosecutors' Office, head of Seoul Northern District Prosecutors' Office, first deputy chief prosecutor of the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office, and senior prosecutor of Special Investigation Bureau and Violent Crimes Bureau of Seoul District Prosecutors' Office, and chief prosecutor of Central Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors' Office, respectively. Since joining BKL in 2001, he has been in charge of criminal and general civil cases involving trade secret, finance, and companies. He also served as the member of the National Election Commission, chairman of BOD of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and chairman of the Presidential Election Broadcasting Deliberation Commission.

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2002-現在 Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
2000-2002 President, Institute of Justice & Chief Prosecutor, Daegu High Prosecutors' Office
1999-2000 Chief Prosecutor, Daejeon High Prosecutors' Office
1999 Chief Prosecutor, Busan District Prosecutors' Office
1998-1999 Deputy Minister, Legal Affairs Office, Ministry of Justice
1997-1998 Director General, Social Protection Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice
1995-1997 Deputy Chief Prosecutor & Chief Prosecutor, Busan High Prosecutors' Office
1994-1995 Head, Seoul Northern District Prosecutors' Office
1993-1994 First Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
1993 Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Northern District Prosecutors' Office
1992-1993 Chief Prosecutor, Central Investigation Division I, Supreme Prosecutors' Office Republic of Korea
1991-1992 Senior Prosecutor, Violent Crimes Bureau, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
1990-1991 Senior Prosecutor, Special Investigation Bureau II, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
1989-1990 Senior Prosecutor, Criminal Bureau III, Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office
1988-1989 Senior Prosecutor, Criminal Bureau II, Daegu District Prosecutors' Office
1987-1988 Senior Prosecutor, Special Investigation Bureau, Incheon District Prosecutors' Office
1985-1987 Director, Probation Parole Division & Investigation Division, Ministry of Justice
1983-1985 Head, Seosan Branch of Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office
1983 Visiting Researcher, Keio University Law School
1982-1983 Prosecutor, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
1980-1982 Prosecutor Researcher, Supreme Prosecutors' Office Republic of Korea
1975-1983 Prosecutor, Jeonju, Busan, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
1972-1975 Judge Advocate, Republic of Korea Army
2012-2013 Chairman, Presidential Election Broadcasting Deliberation Commission
2004-2014 Auditor, Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation
2003-2009 Member, National Election Commission


1972 Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
1968 Seoul National University (LL.B.)


1972 Korea