About Us

BAE, KIM & LEE IP is where you can find both capability and experience.
BAE, KIM & LEE IP handles domestic/international filing and registration of intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks, as well as third party submissions, oppositions, trials, and litigation for revocation of IPTAB’s decision. We also provide IP-related professional services such as patent search/analysis and consulting on IP portfolio management.
Following its establishment in 1988, BAE, KIM & LEE IP
transformed its legal entity to a professional corporation in July, 2006.

In order to solve various IP disputes including infringement lawsuits related to IP rights, we closely collaborate with the IP Group of BAE, KIM & LEE LLC.

Core Services

Our professionals in the field of patents and trademarks with expertise in various technical fields that have recently been spotlighted, such as IT, BT, NT, ET and CT, as well as traditional technical fields such as electrical/electronics, machinery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, undertake prosecutions and trials in domestic and foreign countries. Based on our lengthy experience in overseas filing, we have a comprehensive understanding of IP-related systems in each country which is one of our main strengths that allow us to protect intellectual property rights in both Korea and foreign countries.

Consistent Improvement

BAE, KIM & LEE IP will always keep an eye on the development of changing technologies and domestic/international IP environment and policies, and continuously endeavor to provide optimal services to clients by accepting and applying new information.