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Getting the Deal Through – Copyright 2019 – Korea Chapter

Copyright-related legislation is enforced by the judiciary, the designated administrative agencies and the law enforcement authorities. The Korea Copyright Commission (KCC) serves as the non-judiciary dispute resolution body, while the Korea Copyright Protection Agency administers the enforcement of copyright, such as the monitoring and..

2019-08-02 Law Business Research Related Professionals Tae Uk KANG, Susan Park, Tae Kwon KIM, Hye Won SHIN, Jae Young SEOL Related Practice Areas Intellectual Property Right Infringement Lawsuits pdf download
The Law Reviews – The Shipping Law Review (6th Ed.) – Korea Chapter

Although the downturn in the maritime and shipping industry has been continuing for a while, Korea maintained its position as the fifth largest state in the industry. As of 2018, 1,614 ocean-going commercial vessels up to 80 million gross tonnage were owned or operated under bareboat charter hire purchase (BBCHP) by Korean shipping..

2019-07-30 Law Business Research Related Professionals Jong Ku KANG, Joon Sung (Justin) KIM Related Practice Areas Shipping & Maritime pdf download
The Law Reviews – The Securities Litigation Review (5th Ed.) – Korea Chapter
The primary sources of securities law include Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act (FSCMA), the Civil Act, the Commercial Act and the Criminal Act, all enacted by the National Assembly.  To cope with the complexity and fluidity of securities transactions, the Enforcement Decree of the FSCMA enacted by the President of Korea, and the Enforcement Rule of..
2019-07-23 Law Business Research Related Professionals Tony Dongwook KANG Related Practice Areas Litigation pdf download
Global Arbitration Review (GAR) – Litigation 2019 – Korea Chapter

The Korean court system for civil cases consists of three tiers: district courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court. There is also a Constitutional Court, which is at the same level as the Supreme Court in the court hierarchy. The district courts are the courts of first instance. Cases in the district court are heard by a single judge or a panel of three judges, depending on..

2019-07-02 Global Arbitration Review Related Professionals Kap-You (Kevin) KIM, John P. Bang Related Practice Areas Arbitration pdf download
Getting the Deal Through – Telecoms & Media 2019 – Korea Chapter

Regulatory and institutional structure 1 Summarise the regulatory framework for the communications sector. Do any foreign ownership restrictions apply to communications services? The regulatory framework is set out in the Telecommunications Business Act (the TBA) and the Radio Waves Act (the RWA). The Ministry of Science and ICT (the MSIT) and..

2019-06-27 Getting the Deal Through Related Professionals Kwang Hyun RYOO, Ji Yeon PARK, Juho YOON Related Practice Areas Technology · Media & Telecom pdf download
Recent Changes to South Korea’s Corporate Tax Laws

On December 8, 2018, the National Assembly of South Korea approved the 2019 tax law changes, which took effect January 1. This article discusses some of the notable changes. The amendments to the VAT Act (VATA) expand the coverage of VAT to foreign companies that supply electronic services in connection with the sale of electronic commerce services in..

2019-06-13 Tax Notes International Related Professionals Seungho Kim, Sungdoo JANG, Maria Chang Related Practice Areas Tax pdf download
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Product Liability 2019 - Korea Chapter

What systems of product liability are available (i.e. liability in respect of damage to persons or property resulting from the supply of products found to be defective or faulty)? Is liability fault based, or strict, or both? Does contractual liability play any role? Can liability be imposed for breach of statutory obligations e.g. consumer fraud statutes..

2019-05-30 Global Legal Group Related Professionals Tony Dongwook KANG, Yongman Bae Related Practice Areas Litigation pdf download
Chambers Global Practice Guides: Real Estate 2019 – Korea Chapter

The ‘Law & Practice’ sections provide easily accessible information on navigating the legal system when conducting business in the jurisdiction. Leading lawyers explain local law and practice at key transactional stages and for crucial aspects of doing business.

2019-05-14 Chambers and Partners Related Professionals Hyeon KANG, Alex Lee, Tae Kyoon KIM Related Practice Areas Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) pdf download
The Law Reviews – The Life Sciences Law Review (7th Ed.) – Korea Chapter

In Korea, pharmaceutical products are generally regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (PA Act) and medical devices by the Medical Devices Act (MD Act) in terms of manufacture, importation, distribution and advertising. The pricing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices is governed by the National Health Insurance Act (NHI Act) and other applicable regulations.

2019-04-26 Law Business Research Related Professionals Jung Min Jo Related Practice Areas Healthcare pdf download
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2019 – Korea Chapter

What type of legal system has your jurisdiction got? Are there any rules that govern civil procedure in your jurisdiction? The Korean legal system is a civil law system, originally modelled on the German legal system. Korean civil procedure is governed by the Korean Civil Procedure Act (KCPA) and its subordinate rules, the Rules of Civil Procedure.

2019-03-08 Global Legal Group Related Professionals Kap-You (Kevin) KIM, John P. Bang Related Practice Areas Arbitration pdf download
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