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Daeseung IM

Daeseung IM

Expert Advisor

Daeseung IM is an advisor in the firm’s international customs and trade group. He has significant expertise in this field and has a solid track record for successfully assisting corporate clients with their customs and trade issues. His main practice areas include customs audits and investigations, foreign exchange investigations and trade, including FTA issues. Prior to joining Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, he served over 23 years in various positions at the Seoul Main Customs Office, Incheon Airport Customs Office, Incheon Main Customs and the Korea Customs Service. Since joining us in 2010 as an advisor, he has successfully advised companies on customs matters, including audits, investigations, FTA and country of origin verification issues.
  • Experience List
    2010-pressentAdvisor, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
    2008-2010Audit Division, Incheon Customs Service
    2005-2008Information Planning Dept., Information Cooperation Division, National Customs Service
    2004-2005Foreign Exchange Investigation Dept, Investigation & Monitoring Division, Incheon Customs Service
    1999-2003Import Dept., Export & Import Customs Division, Incheon Airport Customs Service
    1996-1999Import & Luggage Division, Kimpo Customs Service
    1992-1996Monitoring Department, Guro Customs Service
    1989-1992Investigation & Import Division, Seoul Customs Service
    1988-1989Monitoring Division, Yeosu Customs Service
  • Education List
    1988National Tax College
  • Qualifications List
    2011Certified as a customs agent