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Young Sam KIM

Young Sam KIM

Senior Advisor

Prior to joining Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (BKL), Senior Advisor Young Sam KIM worked at Financial Supervisory Service: he worked at Investigation Department, Investigation Coordination Department, Special Investigation Department, Posting Investigation Office, and Investigation & Planning Section (of the Financial Services Commission), all of which were dedicated to investigate unfair trade activities on the capital market, and served as a Chief of Special Investigation Team. Therefore, he has a broad range of experience and expertise in investigating unfair trade activities, such as inspections of undisclosed information use, market price manipulation, corporate disclosure and accounting fraud. He also worked at Posting Supervision Department, Securities Examination Department, Asset Management Examination Department and Accounting Supervision Department.He is an expert specializing in capital market and financial investment. Currently, as a member of the Securities, Banking and Finance Practice.
  • Experience List
    2010-presentAdvisor, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (2010-present)
    2010–2010Chief of special investigation team, Capital Market Investigation Department I, Financial Supervisory Service
    2009–2010Chief of investigation team, Capital Market Investigation Department I, Financial Supervisory Service
    2007–2009Coordination chief of Capital Market Investigation Department I, Financial Supervisory Service
    2006–2007Securities Examination Department II, Financial Supervisory Service
    2002–2004Investigation & Planning Section, Financial Services Commission
    2000–2002Investigation Coordination Department, Financial Supervisory Service
    1999Trained in unfair transaction investigation at US Securities and Exchange Commission
    1999–2000Posting Investigation Office, Financial Supervisory Service
    1997–1999Investigation Department I, Securities Supervisory Board
    1995–1997Corporate Registration Department, Securities Supervisory Board
    1994–1995Accounting Supervision Department, Securities Supervisory Board
    1993–1994Securities Examination Department V, Securities Supervisory Board
    1990–1993International Affairs Department, Securities Supervisory Board
  • Education List
    2006Graduate School at University of Illinois (M.A. in Economics)
    1990Department of International Trade, Korea University Business School
Practice Areas