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Heui Nam KIM

Heui Nam KIM

Tax Advisor, Senior Advisor

While working for Corporate Tax Division and Tax Ruling Division (Legal Interpretation Division) at National Tax Service, Heui Nam KIM took charge of authoritative interpretation of the laws and regulations related to corporate and individual income taxation, and revision to irrational tax legislations. He has worked mainly in corporate taxation in the capacity of audit inspector of corporate taxation for Inspection Office and a professor of corporate tax law for National Tax Officials Training Institute. In addition, he engaged in tax investigation at Research Bureau of Seoul Regional Tax Office and International Taxation Division of Jungbu Regional Tax Office. Based on his expertise in legislations related to corporate taxation and his experience in authoritative interpretation of various cases, he provides advices across taxation sectors including general tax counselling, development of tax strategy, tax appeals as a procedure prior to judicial trial, regulations on tax laws and revision of relevant laws and regulations.
  • Experience List
    2017-presentSenior Advisor, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
    2016-2017Tax Advisor, Jeil T&M
    2010-2016Expert Advisor, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
    2010Registered as Certified Tax Accountant
    2007Deputy Director, Legal Affairs Division, NTS
    2005Instructor, National Tax Officials Training Institute
    2001Deputy Director, Withholding Tax Division, NTS
    1997Deputy Director, Corporate Tax Division, NTS
    1993Inspector, Inspection Division, NTS
    1988Deputy Director, Corporate Tax Division, NTS
    1986Specialist, International Taxation Division, Jungbu Regional Tax Office (RTO)
    1985Specialist, Tax Investigation Bureau I, Seoul RTO
    1976Specialist, Tax Audit Division, Cheongnyangni District Tax Office
  • Education List
    1975Kwangju Jeil High School
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