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Yongman Bae

Yongman Bae



Yongman Bae focuses his practice on management rights disputes, hostile takeover, general meeting of shareholders, board of directors, share ownership disputes, equity investment disputes, as well as commercial and financial litigation. He has provided advisory and litigation services to a broad array of listed and unlisted companies. Mr. BAE joined Bae, Kim & Lee LLC in 2010 after receiving an LL.B. degree from Korea University and completing the Judicial Research and Training Institute course. He also earned an LL.M. degree from UC Berkeley School of Law and was seconded to the firm’s Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City. He actively engages in pro bono work related to North Korea and North Korean defectors.
  • Experience List
    2010-presentBae, Kim & Lee LLC
    2017-2018Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    2019-presentAdvisory Member, Legal Advisory Committee for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Ministry of Justice
Representative Matters
  • Represented and advised company K on the dispute on disposal
    Represented listed company L in a dispute on management right
    Advised listed company H in litigation involving management rights disputes and provisional disposition
    Represented listed company WH on a dispute on management right and temporary disposition
    Represented and advised IT company M on the provisional disposition and litigation related to management right dispute
    Advised company T and S on recovering management right
    Advised K Group (of Daegu, South Korea) in a management right dispute among family shareholders
    Advised lease company C on exercising stockholder's right on department store D
    Advised hotel M on the dispute on the contract of management consignment
    Advised company S, electronics company B, company T, and others in disputes among minority shareholders
    Provided advice for asset management company P in relation to management right dispute
    Advised golf course S in a management right dispute
    Advised industrial complex B on the provisional disposition in relation to management right dispute
    Advised bank H, company S, and P on M&A and provisional disposition
    Represented and advised company S, T, and others in cases involving claims for a stock purchase
    Represented company C, listed company A, and others in representative suits
    Represented clients in litigations concerning derivative products and forward exchange
    Represented clients in lawsuits on shipping and finance
    Represented clients in lawsuits related to media (press)
    Represented clients in litigations and arbitrations related to companies of U.K., Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Turkey
    Advised Singapore company A, Vietnam company S, and others on commercial disputes
    Advised Vietnam company P in a dispute among shareholders
    Represented company C, a Vietnam JV, in a dispute among shareholders
    Advised trading company H on its acquisition of Vietnam company K
    Studied the legal support plans to improve the competitiveness of Gaesung Industrial Complex (Ministry of Unification)
    Studied Gyeonggi Province's legal countermeasures when there are a large number of North Korean defectors (Gyeonggi Province)
    Researched for the harmony and cooperation of legal system of intellectual property in the South and North Korea (Presidential Council on Intellectual Property)
  • Education List
    2017UC Berkeley School of Law (LL.M.)
    2010Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea
    2008Korea University Law School (LL.B.)
  • Qualifications List
    2010Korean Bar
  • “Changes in West Germany’s Settlement Support Policy During Germany’s Division and Implications to the Korean Peninsula” (North Korean Refugees Support Foundation, Research Series 2011-07, Co-author, 2011)
    “The Law Reviews - The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review (7th Ed.) – Korea Chapter”(Law Business Research, 2018)
    “Review of Enforcement Regulation Concerning North Korea’s New Mt. Geumgang International Tourist Zone” (Studies on North Korean Law No.16, Co-author, 2015)
    “Transactions Subject to Resolution at a General Meeting of Shareholders” (Co-author, Human Rights and Justice, 2016)
    “Legal Guide for Korean Companies to Pioneer the Emerging Market” (Ministry of Justice, Co-author, 2018)
    “ICLG - Product Liability 2019 - Korea”(International Comparative Legal Guide, 2019)