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Intellectual Property

• Patent (includ. Utility Model) Infringement and Invalidation Trial / Litigation
• Trademark Infringement and Invalidation Trial / Litigation
• Design Infringement and Invalidation Trial / Litigation
• Copyright Infringement Litigation
• Trade Secrets Infringement and Unfair Competition Litigation
• Mediation and Arbitration Related to IP Infringement and Disputes

BKL’s IP Group is comprised of 20 IP attorneys-at-law from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (“BKL-LLC”) and 30 patent attorneys specializing in various technical fields from Bae, Kim & Lee Patent Law Firm (“BKL PLF”). In addition, our IP Group has in-house researchers and staff members who have expertise in each of the technical fields covered by our practice. The combined forces of BKL LLC and BKL PLF enable us to handle any IPR-related matter with specialized knowledge and efficiency; and, the close collaboration among our members ensures an efficient handling of our cases, resulting in a high rate of success for our clients.

The BKL IP Group provides the highest level of services to our clients based on our expertise and hands-on experience in the areas of IP litigation and dispute resolution. Our services in this area encompass representing clients in connection with the enforcement and dispute resolution involving IPR, including litigation, invalidation and revocation of trial decisions relating to patents, utility models, trademarks and design rights, and litigation for infringement of copyrights and trade secrets, as well as mediation and arbitration involving IP-related disputes.

In particular, our ability to provide the best and the most efficient services to our clients is made possible by our decades-long experience in IP enforcement and dispute resolution, which experience has also provided us with invaluable know-how and in-depth knowledge in our legal practice and the relevant technical fields. The members of the BKL IP Group include former judges of the Patent Court and the Supreme Court, who bring their extensive experiences from their days as IP judges. We also have patent attorneys who have reviewed cases at the Intellectual Property Tribunal and the Patent Court. The highest levels of expertise of our IP Group members, together with their close and efficient collaboration, are the main reasons for our achieving the best possible results for our clients.
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