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Fair Trade

Our international trade and anti-dumping practice group specializes in representing clients on trade dispute matters and the defense of anti-dumping actions in Korea. In step with the continuing globalization of the marketplace and the rise of the WTO order, Bae, Kim & Lee has positioned itself to address the full range of critical issues facing every company dealing in the cross-border flow of goods and services. The practice group has handled numerous trade-related disputes on behalf of foreign clients, involving international commodity transactions, letters of credit, maritime and air transport, insurance and re-insurance, and a host of other transnational arrangements.

Notably, our practice group has defended a number of anti-dumping cases brought by the Korean government and has done so with an outstanding success rate. Much of the credit for its vigorous anti-dumping defense practice goes to members of this practice group who are able to call upon a rare background of extensive work experience with the Korean International Trade Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

BKL is regularly retained to advise trade-related bodies in relation to certain aspects of their policymaking, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. The firm finds that this participation in policymaking serves as an important complement to its practice on behalf of private entities.