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Bae, Kim & Lee LLC has long been regarded as the undisputed leader among Korean law firms in the areas of litigation and dispute resolution. Founded in 1980 as a litigation firm, BKL has, over the past 35 years, earned an unparalleled reputation for excellence by consistently delivering successful results for its clients. Boasting high success rates in civil, criminal and commercial litigation cases, BKL has successfully prosecuted or defended some of the most high profile litigation cases in Korea. With an exceptional track record and uncompromising quality standards, BKL is fully committed to preserving its hard-earned reputation as the top litigation firm in Korea.

Our expertise covers a wide range of civil, criminal and commercial litigation, including corporate and commercial disputes, hostile takeovers, director and officer liability suits, unfair trade practices, IP litigation, privacy infringement claims, class actions, construction litigation and bankruptcy, to name a few, and all stages of litigation from provisional injunctions to appeals, enforcements, and of course, recognitions of foreign awards. BKL frequently represents foreign parties before Korean courts and also maintains an active outbound practice assisting Korean parties involved in litigation in foreign jurisdictions.

Many of BKL’s litigators are recognized leaders in their fields, and possess unrivaled professional reputations. Despite its recognition as the top industry leader, BKL continues to strengthen the litigation practice group, regularly supplementing its team of litigators with former judges and prosecutors who have amassed substantial experience at the highest levels of the courts and public prosecutor’s office. Each litigator at BKL takes pride in providing expedient advice and resourceful advocacy, guided by an acute awareness of the commercial needs of our clients. In this way, we assist our clients not only to prevail in the pending lawsuit, arbitration, or regulatory procedure itself, but also to achieve optimal positioning for settlement in accordance with the client’s particular commercial objectives. In that process, court injunctions play an especially prominent role in Korea. For that reason, BKL is proud to be one of the few firms in Korea to have an experienced team of litigators specializing in court injunctions.

With a global client base spanning nearly every area of business and industry, BKL is proud to remain your first choice for litigation and arbitration in Korea.