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Family Law & Inheritance

Inheritance and Business Succession

• Inheritance occurs with everyone, so everyone needs to prepare for it. As the legal principles of inheritance are very complicated and not many studies have been carried out in relation thereto, one needs to seek help from a professional.

• It is necessary to work out the plans for inheritance prior to inheritance. It is generally thought that the goals of plans for inheritance are coming up with the plans for reducing inheritance tax. What is more important, however, is to prevent disputes over inheritance. BKL promises to come up with the best plans for inheritance, which can achieve prevention of inheritance disputes and tax reduction at the same time.

• BKL also provides help in relation to follow-up measures such as handling legal matters after the initiation of inheritance procedures. BKL also provides help in respect of diverse matters prior to subjecting inheritance matters to court proceedings, and after the occurrence of any dispute, BKL provides help in respect of diverse litigation procedures after the occurrence of any dispute.

• Inheritance of businessmen all comes down to succession of business. Business succession has some characteristics different from those of ordinary inheritance. It is not sufficient to deem business succession to be an ordinary inheritance, and succession of corporate culture and entrepreneurship should also be considered. BKL provides comprehensive services in relation to diverse issues relating to succession of companies.

Divorce and Division of Property

• BKL offers help for diverse legal issues relating to divorce. One cannot say that reaching a conclusion through bitter disputes is the only solution. BKL provides proper and careful help from the beginning stages of disputes.

• During the procedures for division of property entailed by a divorce, BKL does its best to protect the interest of its clients.

• In particular, in the case of a divorce with minor children, it is vitally important to take such children into consideration. BKL, when providing service for its clients, thinks of a divorce as a restructuring of a family rather than a couple’s separation.

Other Cases on Household Matters

• Acknowledgement of paternity, biological offspring, adoption issues, etc

• Cases involving incompetency, quasi-incompetency, guardian and family council issues.

• Other issues relating to diverse registration of family relations such as change of family name, family clan, names, etc (previously issues relating to family register).

International Cases on Household Matters

• BKL, with its wide experience, provides service for clients in relation to international family cases (divorce, inheritance, adoption), which frequently occurs these days.

• A considerable number of international family cases need to be dealt with in cooperation with foreign legal experts, in which BKL has a wide and extensive experience with.