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Criminal Defense

Response at the Prosecutor/Police Investigation Stage
With the rise of more complex and sophisticated business activities and social structures, initial responses at the prosecutor/police investigation stage of a criminal matter are crucial to defend one’s rights and lead such investigations into a just direction. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of our professionals, BKL gained a renowned reputation for providing the best solution for complicated criminal matters , by having garnered an endless list of significant results for our clients.

Response to Investigations by Non-Conventional Investigative Agencies
Non-conventional investigative agencies, such as the Financial Supervisory Service, the National Tax Service, the Korea Customs Service, the Fair Trade Commission, and the Regional Ministry of Employment and Labor, are actively conducting criminal investigations and their scope of investigation continues to expand. Our attorneys from the Criminal Defense Team work closely with our attorneys from other teams depending on the type of criminal matter and are, thus, able to seamlessly and comprehensively defend our clients’ positions.

Preventive Legal Guidance
The origin of a criminal matter can often be traced back to a minor issue which would not have escalated into a serious matter had it been controlled properly at the outset. Preventive legal guidance is therefore essential in order to avoid any potential legal implications from a criminal law perspective.

Compliance Monitoring
As the scope of corporate activities continues to expand and the types of doing business diversifies, the role and authority of investigative agencies has continued to increase simultaneously, resulting in strengthened regulations and government oversight. Hence, it has become essential for companies to implement in-house compliance monitoring systems. However, there is no clear standard to guide them. BKL’s professionals advise companies on the most effective and up-to-date measures to guide their in-house monitoring procedures in all areas of corporate activity, including IP security, tax and bribery.

Digital Forensics
Securing digital forensic evidence in intellectual property cases, such as industrial espionage, patent right or trademark infringement is imperative in determining the result of a criminal case. Taking advantage of our comprehensive know-how in digital forensics, BKL has the capacity to find critical evidence and thereby provides our clients with the key to solve their criminal issues.
Major Cases

    • Represented major Korean conglomerates in slush fund cases;

    • Represented major Korean conglomerates against charges of violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes;

    • Represented major Korean conglomerates against charges of accounting fraud and loan fraud;

    • Represented senior government officials against bribery charges;

    • Represented lawmakers against charges of violation of the Public Official Election Act;

    • Represented financial companies and institutions against charges of violations of the Securities and Exchange Tax Act;

    • Represented a major flour mills company against charges of market manipulation;

    • Represented a KOSDAQ-listed company against charges of fraudulent reporting and fraudulent payment for shares;

    • Represented an oil company against charges of price fixing;

    • Represented a major Korean conglomerate against charges of illegal political funding;

    • Represented a major Korean merchant bank against charges of illegally receiving public funds;

    • Represented a major Korean heavy industries company and a major Korean chemical company against charges of misappropriating trade secrets;

    • Represented a major Korean tire company in a case involving the leakage of core technology overseas;

    • Represented a lottery company in a case involving charges of business interference;

    • Represented a major Korean financial holding company against charges of breach of trust;

    • Represented against charges of professional negligence arising from the collapse of a subway station;

    • Represented a major Korean construction company against charges of embezzling project financing funds;

    • Represented a major Korean celebrity in a libel case;

    • Represented a major pharmaceutical company in a case involving charges over rebates;

    • Represented a major Korean food company in a case involving defamation litigation and arbitration over press reporting;

    • Represented a major Korean company against charges of illegal labor practices;

    • Represented a major Korean electronics company against charges of environmental pollution;

    • Provided legal advice to a major Korean company in a case involving internal investigation of an employee;

    • Represented a plastic surgery hospital against charges of tax evasion;

    • Represented companies against charges of violations of the country-of-origin labeling system;

    • Represented companies against charges of violations of the Korean Customs Act;

    • Represented companies against charges of violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act and illegal capital flight;

    • Represented a major Korean conglomerate in a dispute over management rights;

    • Represented a major Korean bank against charges of selling impaired loans.

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