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bkl’s Healthcare group provides the best service for medical institutions, Healthcare providers, clients from medicine and medical supplies, animal drugs, medical equipment, diagnostic medicine, food and cosmetics fields, and its lawyers and professionals are widely experienced in diverse areas such as regulation of the Healthcare industry, general commercial practices, fair trade, lawsuits, and arbitration, etc.

In particular, bkl’s Healthcare group, which consists of professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, is confident that they provide the best service in Korea. Also, they are proud of their experience in winning disputes over medical fees and medical, which have recently become more diverse and complicated.
Major Cases

    • Case on revocation of public notice on reduction of relative value points of imaging equipment (CT, MRI, PET)

    • Advised pharmaceutical companies in respect to compliance with fair competition agreements

    • Cases on nursing homes’ suspension of business and revocation of imposition disposition of penalty surcharge

    • Cases on revocation of disposition ordering the suspension of qualifications of doctors, and pharmacists, etc.

    • Case involving a dispute over the third generation antibiotics among Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Dakeda (Japan), and Pfizer (Germany), etc.

    • Advised on the case on whether hospital advertisement on outdoor billboards are in violation of the Medical Services Act

    • Advised on legal issues relating to using new methods of clinical surgery

    • Advised Seoul National University Hospital Gangnam Center in respect of questions about its independence

    • Advised Seoul National University in respect of the procedures for preparation of agreement (draft) for the execution of strategic alliance agreement

    • Advised Seoul National University Hospital in respect of professional medical education business

    • Advised on legal issues of Seoul National University Hospital and medical school relating to incorporation of Seoul National University

    • Advised Yonsei Univesity Health System in respect of establishment of Songdo International Hospital

    • Advised FMC Korea in respect of establishment of a medical corporation and investment by a foreigner

    • Advised a hospital managed by company A in respect of issues under the Medical Services Act

    • Advised Wooridul Hospital in respect of reviewing business consignment agreement, etc

    • Reviewing company B’s establishment of a hospital (ongoing)

    • Advised medical foundation E in respect of managing a medical foundation (ongoing)

    • Advised company C in respect of establishment and management of elderly care facilities within Guam University Hospital (ongoing)

    • Advised MizMedi Hospital in respect of Pangyo hospital development project and foundation of medical business company

    • Advised Core FG in respect of its profit-making corporation’s foundation and management of and investment in a hospital

    • Advised medical foundation D in respect of acquisition of Ujeong Hospital in Gwacheon

    • Advised on foreign financing for establishment and management of Emmanuel General Hospital

    • Advised CHA Biotech in respect of regulations relating to acquisition of a U.S. hospital