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Shipping & Maritime

Bae, Kim & Lee’s maritime practice group is comprised of professionals who have amassed substantial experience in both the “wet” aspects of maritime and aviation matters as well as the “dry” aspects which naturally coexist in trade and transport cases. Our maritime lawyers are acknowledged in the legal community as leaders in handling claims related to collisions, oil pollution, cargo loss and damage, hazardous cargoes, bills of lading, and personal injury to seamen or passengers. This reputation has grown out of our group’s approach to every case, which emphasizes both close cooperation with clients and third parties to establish the essential facts needed to evaluate the merits of each claim and prompt communication of significant developments to our clients. The application of this approach in conjunction with our team’s wealth of knowledge on the relevant laws and proceedings consistently lead to the best outcomes for our clients.

In addition to the claims handling matters mentioned above, BKL’s maritime group practice includes consulting, documentation and dispute resolution services related to insurance, trade disputes, ship financing, ship building and investment, ship arrests and release, maritime liens, auctions of cargo or vessel, and salvage.

BKL’s maritime group has a wide domestic and international clientele primarily consisting of shipowners, banks, insurance companies, trading companies and numerous P&I clubs. In order to provide these clients with highest quality legal service, the maritime team maintains close ties with many Korean shipping-related associations, which are able to provide prompt and on-the-spot information concerning any given case. In addition, the firm has several “Of Counsel” members who provide additional in-depth analysis and facilitate cost-efficient service to clients. The maritime group often draws upon the extensive network of contacts it has established with prestigious law firms overseas to jointly advise and act for clients in deals that involve foreign parties, as is often the case in trade, transport, and financial deals arising from maritime matters.
Major Cases

    • Represented Korean companies involved in aerospace business advising on the purchase of airplanes and helicopters as well as the launching of satellites including Mugunghwa;

    • Successfully represented Korean banks in a number of damage claims caused by bill of lading and L/C-related cases in a series of trade disputes arising from the chain bankruptcy of oil importers; advised clients on resolving disputes related to export and import.

    • Successfully represented the ship owner and the insurer in a claim for damage arising from the dispute over an accident during the repair of an LNG vessel; advised clients on resolving disputes related to accidents related to gantry cranes installed in dedicated container piers;

    • Successfully carried out a claim for insurance money seeking approximately 7.7 billion Won related to a vessel engine which exploded during pilot operation;

    • Successfully resolved disputes related to the crash of an Air China aircraft, the crash of a pilot-operating helicopter, and claims relating to airborne cargo.